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Store Your Customers' Tires Today


Tire Storage and More

Tire Locker stores tires, wheels and tire / wheel assemblies in our climate-controlled secure facility. Your tires and wheels are photographed, tagged, logged and stored for the season. Our labels have tire-grade adhesive to ensure they are properly tagged. While in storage, we can repair damaged wheels, balance and prep assemblies ready for install.


How It Works

ORetailers can easily and quickly collect customer information, apply quick tags to tires and request a pick up from Tire Locker. The intuitive Tire Locker app will guide them through the process, or retailers have the choice of a paper-based system. Tire Locker will then confirm information, inspect, photograph, and then take the tires to the Tire Locker facility where they will apply the full detail tire labels and place them in storage. When the customer is ready for their tires the retailer requests tires from the app and Tire Locker delivers the tires back to the retailer.


The Business Case

No customer wants to have their dirty tires taking up room in their garage or balcony. By storing the tires with Tire Locker, the customer frees up space and is not burdened with loading and transporting the tires to the retailer. By choosing the retailer to store their tires, the customer is motivated to return to the dealer for future tire service. Ahead of the next season, the retailer can contact their customers to fill up the shoulder season and ensure the customer has priority booking. While the tires are in storage, retailers will have access to detailed reports. They can get a report by season, tread depth, tire damage, or wheel damage. Retailers can inform their customers of any repairs or replacements required for their stored items.


Our Value

Tire Locker offers more than secure storage; we also offer wheel and tire services at wholesale rates. Tire Locker can repair damage and scratches to wheels while in storage so they are ready at time of install. Wheels can be cleaned, tires can have tire shine applied. If requested, Tire Locker can balance tire and wheel assemblies to ensure a fast install.

Safe and Secure Storage

Climate controlled and insured for your safety. Inspections are done and photographs taken upon receipt to ensure product security. Product is tagged and labelled with tire-grade adhesives.

Wheel and Tire Service

Meet your customers’ needs and generate revenue while the tires are in storage. The Tire Locker system reporting will allow the retailer to identify any repairs or replacements that may be required. Tire Locker offers on-site wheel repair, refinishing and repainting services at wholesale rates. Tire Locker can help retailers be prepared for the busy season by balancing tire and wheel assemblies prior to delivery.

Fast and Accurate

Our inspection and photographs document the tire and wheel condition and details. Our tire-grade adhesive ensures the products are never mislabelled. Our app ensures you can easily identify which customers have tires in storage. Retailers are able to request a bulk delivery by selecting multiple customers. Tire Locker’s standard is delivery within 24-72 hrs. Urgent delivery can be available for a fee.