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A Brief History

Tire Locker is a solution for tire retailers by people who understand the tire business. The ownership team has a broad history in tire retail, service department management and software development. Through frustrating customer experience and identifying the need for a secure tire storage solution in the marketplace, Tire Locker was launched.


Tire Locker’s strength is its focus on systems and software. We have an integrated app and web-based solution that makes the process of receiving and storing tires simple and intuitive. All you need is an internet connection.

Tire Locker’s focus on quality and simplicity extends to its labelling system. The labels used are tire-grade adhesive. The labels will stay where they are applied and you can feel secure in knowing they cannot be easily removed. In addition, we supply the retailer with a quick tag system to make the process fast and secure.

A Growing Business

Tire storage encourages customer loyalty and retention. Tire Locker intends to grow our footprint by earning the business of our retail partners. As our clientele grows we will be adding more services and options for dealers and their customers.